You’re dead-set on launching your brand and getting your online shop off the ground.

You’re about to open up your digital doors for sale for people to buy your products. You’re excited and nervous as you check over every single detail and you’re wondering if you missed something.


You’re delaying the launch of your website because you have some hang-ups on pricing a few of your products or you’re not sure if the pictures you have are going to sell your brand or your products.

Or maybe even…

You know what you’re selling and how to sell it, you’re just not sure which platform you should build your online store on between Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly...ah f*ck it, I’ll just go with Etsy or Big Cartel since that seems easy enough.


Over a 90-minute pitch-free strategy call that focuses strictly on you and your brand and business goals.

Strategize Your Launch (with Andra)™

90-minute strategy sessions focused on the design of your online shop. 

 Strategize Your Launch (with Andra)

What can we cover in the course of 90 minutes?

If you are launching your online shop for the first time, here’s some ways we could work together:

  • Construct a customer-centric layout for your website that customers will love
  • Infuse your brand personality with sales-driven website copy that turns visitors into customers
  • Discuss how to make your move from Etsy or Big Cartel to an official content management system as seamless as possible
  • Go over the pricing of your products or your product photos to see if it speaks to your customers

What you’ll get from this call…

After our call, you’ll get a recording of our Zoom call, plus a custom action plan that comes with:

  • Action steps based on what we covered
  • Wireframes w/ copy suggestions (you’ll get this especially if we discuss website layout)
  • A resource list of tools to help you get started (some are affiliate links, but are seriously useful)


You get all of this for the investment of



Here’s what past clients are saying:

It [Strategize Your Launch (with Andra)™] was very hands on and any questions i had could be answered right then
— Nicolas Andrew

In case you didn't know who I am...

 Andra Eugene

I’m Andra (On-dra).

Web Designer + Strategist

I create clear, customer-centric, sales-driven brand strategies and websites backed by a streamlined sales process for entrepreneurs of color who want to leverage their skills and talents by building their brand and launching their website.

My focus is making sure that your brand's online store has a targeted customer, strong positioning, and a website on a scalable platform that tells your brand's story and connects with your products or services in a tangible and remarkable way.

I analyze your business's current status quo (customers, sales, competition, etc), it's trajectory, and your future goals. From there, I help you figure out a strategy for your brand where you’re currently at and give you suggestions on how you can get where you want to be.