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Strategize Your Launch (with Andra)™ 

If you're ready to get serious about launching your online shop and need a bit of help with strategy, book a 90-minute call with me and get a customized step-by-step action plan on how to have a successful website launch from where you are.


Upgrade Your Website VIP Intensive™ 

If you've been meaning to update your website, switch platforms (Etsy to Shopify), or set up apps to make your website function better but haven't had the time, book a 6-hour implementation session with me to tackle the huge, tedious-seeming to-dos on your website's checklist.


Brand Your Web™

Need a strong foundation or a refresh for your online shop? Click the button below and check out how I can help you create a functional, user-friendly online store that's designed to make you more sales and serve as a strong primary sale channel for your brand. 

P.S. you shouldn't have to take focus away from your business to fix your website.