Sprints + Projects

Afromiga Web Design Strategy works in sprints, a work cycle split into 2 weeks. By completing projects in sprints, you as a client are involved in the process of designing as feedback and input is necessary to make changes and progress the project forward. Some projects take more or less sprints to complete; you’ll only be charged for the sprints that you use.

Download a copy of the service catalog to find out more information about sprints and our services.


Signature Packages

build, transfer, & optimize

Shopify Storefront Buildout

9 sprints; 18 weeks

5-page eCommerce Buildout in Shopify. This package equips you with just the essentials needed to optimize your online storefront to hit the benchmark sales that you’re looking to reach.

Shopify Storefront Transfer

9 sprints; 18 weeks

If you’re on Etsy, Big Cartel, Weebly, Squarespace, or any other website building platform, it’s time to move your storefront to Shopify. We’ll help you move your store’s content to Shopify and give you a design that speaks your brand out loud.

Shopify Storefront Optimization

8 sprints; 16 weeks

If you’re already on Shopify and aren’t making the sales that you need to and your promotion is top notch, it’s time to center the focus back on your website. The process is similar to our Buildout™ package, but is customized to fit your specific needs.

Add-on Packages

branding, copywriting, & more

Shopify Landing Page Buildout

2 sprints; 4 weeks

Start collecting email addresses to build community around your store’s launch with a coming soon page. Add this to your Shopify Buildout package and save $200.

eCommerce Branding Design

3.5 sprints; 7 weeks

Complete branding designed specifically for eCommerce. Includes brand identity, storefront collateral, and packaging design. Add to any Buildout™, Transfer™ or Optimization™ package and save $350.


Copywriting Essentials

2 sprints; 4 weeks

Custom website copy that converts; everytime. Deliverables are split based on whether the buildout consists of a full storefront or a simple landing page. Add to any package and save 10%.

Essential Extensions

4 sprints; 8 weeks

Just the necessary bells and whistles to make your storefront promotion-ready. This package makes your storefront ready to scale like the big guys with installation of our recommended Shopify apps. Add this to your Shopify Buildout, Transfer, or Optimization package and save $400.

Interested in any of these packages?

Grab a copy of the service catalog to learn more about Afromiga Web Design Strategy’s offerings. If you’re ready to discuss your project, feel free to schedule a call with me below.