What's the next step you want to take to leverage your skills and talents?


 website planning mini-course

I want to get in the mindset of treating my passion more like a business and learn how to build a strong brand.

 brand and web strategy session

I need to bounce my idea off of someone, get my questions answered, and get a gameplan on the next step.

 1:1 coaching

I need close guidance on how to start and launch my business's brand and website on a budget.


Join DIY Web Design Bootcamp

 DIY Web Design Bootcamp

An online school where you can access resources on how to plan, launch, and grow your website on a DIY budget. 

Start with the free audio course, Plan Your Website in Stereo (with Andra)™, and immerse yourself in this interactive experience today.


A Quick Introduction

 Andra, Web Design Strategist of Afromiga Web Design Strategy

Hi, I'm andra, a web design strategist.

I help ambitious young adults who want to leverage their skills and talents with resources that will help them plan and launch their brand and website in 30-90 days.


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