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  Plan Your Website in Stereo (with Andra)™  course lineup

An experience that makes DIY web design less confusing and more fun.

You’re not just building a website; you’re building your brand, your business, your legacy.
— Andra Eugene, Web Design Strategist of Afromiga Web Design Strategy
[Plan Your Website in Stereo (with Andra)™] has helped me to understand how to approach marketing myself as a brand and person of business.
— Penda Svane, TheSvaneMan

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 website planning workbook

A Website Planning Workbook for Product Makers and Service Providers

  1. Define Your Target Audience

  2. Plan Your Website’s Copy

  3. Plan Your Product’s & Service’s Promotion

  4. Visualize Your Look

  The 6 Components a Website Needs to Have a Strong Brand

The 6 Components a Website Needs to Have a Strong Brand

  1. Introduction
  2. The Reality of Web Design
  3. Component 1: Define your target audience 
  4. Component 2: Create your brand statement 
  5. Component 3: Brainstorm your marketing strategy 
  6. Component 4: Brainstorm your website’s navigation 
  7. Component 5: Create your website’s copy and content 
  8. Component 6: Plan your website and brand design

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