Disclaimer of Business Operations, Products, & Services.

This page contains disclaimers for all of Afromiga Web Design Strategy's products and services, please review this page carefully before continuing.

Plan Your Website in Stereo (with Andra)™

is a free audio course that introduces students who wish to leverage their skills and talents and start their career as a creative entrepreneur a mindset of treating the process of building a website for a hobby, passion, or talent like a business without overwhelming them with industry terms. It does not initiate a coach to client relationship, whatsoever, nor does it help student build and launch their website, unless the client chooses to purchase Launch Your Website 30-90™, in which they would work with a the coach and other clients to actively create the materials to build and launch their website. 

Launch Your Website 30-90™

is a 3-month group coaching program that helps its clients actively create the materials to build and launch their website. This program can only guarantee a successful launch of a website, as long as, the client follow every guideline and instruction of the coach and the program. It does not create a designer to client relationship, unless, of course the client chooses to hire the coach for design services instead of coaching, which they can learn to do so here. 

Website Planning Templates™

For all the intent and purposes of the Website Planning Templates™ that will be sold on the website including: the eCommerce Website Planning Templates™, the TradMod Portfolio Website Planning Templates™, the Succinct Portfolio Website Planning Templates™, the Work with Me + Testimonials Website Planning Template™, the Individual Product Pages™, and the Individual Project Pages™, the purchasing of these Website Planning Templates™ and included materials does not establish a designer to client relationship, whatsoever, unless the client decides to hire the designer specifically for web design services. The videos included with the wireframes are meant to show the customer how to use and customize the wireframes.