Disclaimer of Business Operations, Products, & Services.

This page contains disclaimers for all of Afromiga Web Design Strategy's products and services, please review this page carefully before continuing.

Plan Your Website in Stereo (with Andra)™

is a free audio course that introduces students who wish to leverage their skills and talents and start their career as a creative entrepreneur a mindset of treating the process of building a website for a hobby, passion, or talent like a business without overwhelming them with industry terms. It does not initiate a coach to client relationship, whatsoever, nor does it help student build and launch their website, unless the client chooses to purchase Launch Your Website 30-90™, in which they would work with a the coach and other clients to actively create the materials to build and launch their website. 

Launch Your Website 30-90 intensive

is a 6-week 1:1 coaching program that helps its clients actively create the materials to build and launch their website. This program can only guarantee a successful launch of a website, as long as, the client follows every guideline and instruction of the coach and the program. It does not create a designer to client relationship, unless, of course the client chooses to hire the coach for design services instead of coaching, which they will be prompted to be put on a waiting list for then next opening or be referred to another designer.

Strategize your web™

is a 90-minute strategy call or in-person meeting (Greater Boston Area only) that gives client an Action Plan on how to build and launch their website. This 90-minute session does not commit the act of walking someone through the process of how to create their website copy, layout, or setup third-party accounts to connect to a website like the 1:1 Intensive from Launch Your Website 30-90 Intensive™. The 1:1 Intensive is not available as a separate coaching package at this time. If client is interested in learning more about the 1:1 Intensive and Launch Your Website 30-90 Intensive™, they can do so here.