• Brand Identity Design

  • Collateral Design + Production

  • Packaging Design + Production

  • Landing Page Design Buildout

  • Shopify Storefront Buildout


  • Canva (collateral design)

  • Shopify

  • Gravit (logos)

  • Arka (packaging design)

  • Artboard Studio (mockups)

Help ZMakesBeads establish itself as an authentic African jewelry experience in the amount of effort and energy is put into it.

About a year ago, I took a craftsman under my wing to help them build a brand and an online storefront. Zangar B. Freeman (Zung-uh) wanted to start selling his jewelry and was introduced to me by a good friend. His goal was to start selling as a vendor at in-person events and sell custom pieces.

Launch Your Website 30-90 Intensive

Zangar was a student of Launch Your Website 30-90 Intensive, a now dissolved one-on-one coaching program that guided students through the process of building and launching their own website from scratch. The structure of the program started with Pre-Intensive Homework where students conceptualized their brand through several lessons in an online course portal.

After completing their homework, students then scheduled their 3-hour one-on-one intensive with me where we worked together building out the elements of their brand and the layout of their website. After the one-on-one intensive, students then completed their Post-Intensive homework where they finished building and publishing their website.


Getting to Know the Brand

Before enrolling in the program, Zangar and I talked about the meaning and depth of ZMakesBeads on a phone call. Zangar has been making beaded jewelry since high school and wears his own pieces. Zangar’s pieces always spiked interests from his peers and he’s received requests for custom pieces. From creating custom pieces, he created his own philosophy about his bead making process; Zangar believes his essence is infused in each piece that he creates. He calls it, “a piece of me worn by you”. We decided together to make that statement the basis of our creative direction for ZMakesBeads.


A piece of me worn by you”

- Zangar B. Freeman, ZMakesBeads


A Very Long, Worthwhile 1-1 Intensive

On the day of our intensive, Zangar and I got to work on bringing his brand concepts to life that he worked on for his Pre-Intensive Homework. His first logo that he worked on himself didn’t quite fit the brand so we went with a different logo concept that bespoke of the time, effort, and love made into each piece, but was also simple to look at. We also created a website-friendly logo variation and a watermark to use as a favicon and on other brand collateral. Gravit was used to design all the logo variations.

Next, we worked on Zangar’s color palette. The colors he initially chose weren’t cohesive and clashed with each other. I came in and tweaked each color till it fit the brand’s mood and personality.


After fixing the color palette, Zangar and I worked on collateral and packaging design. Together, we designed his business cards, website banner, sales graphics and quote graphics to share on social media, as well as a thank you note card to place in bags and boxes whenever a purchase was made. Canva was used to design all the marketing collateral. For packaging, we designed a box and bag design; boxes would be for online customers and bags were for in-person customers.


Once the collateral and packaging was designed, we moved onto the coming soon page. We use the web-friendly variation of the logo and a screenshot of Zangar’s jewelry on his Instagram page as the visuals for the page. We also built a rough layout of the actual Shopify storefront for Zangar to upload his assets and products into later.

coming soon page (1).png

After designing all these components, we talked about next steps in finishing the website and producing the collateral and packaging. Overall, we spent six hours straight together on Zoom for our one-on-one intensive.

Launching ZMakesBeads + Outcome



average order


returning customer rate


ZMakesBeads launched successfully in September 2018. It became one of the top stores in traffic within the first week of launching. It consistently reaches benchmarks in vendor and custom sales with an average order of $85.02 and returning customer rate of 14.29%. Unfortunately, not many online sales were made as expected; the online store conversion rate was only 0.31%.

One thing I learned was to have a show rather than tell approach to teaching the brand conceptualization process in the Pre-Intensive Homework. Zangar got more value from the one-on-one Intensive than he did going through the content inside the course dashboard.

Overall, this was a successful branding project and I can’t wait to work on a project like this again.