You sell unique and amazing products, but your online store isn't quite reflecting that right now.

You may have created it yourself when you were first launching your brand just so you had something to show people when you talk about your business.


You could very well be running a simple online store on a third-party marketplace like Etsy or Big Cartel to name a few.


 You might even be making commission sales through DM or email from Instagram, which involves a lot of back and forth messaging, but it seems to work for you since you don't know of any other hassle-free way to make sales.

Or maybe...

You might have a website on Wix,  Squarespace, or Shopify and you're tired of trying to make your website look right when you should be focusing on running your business.

Get your website (re)designed

 For your online store with Brand Your Web™

This ecommerce website buildout offer comes with:

 Afromiga Web Design Strategy - project dashboard

Project Dashboard

Keep track of very detailed tasks, deadlines, and updates in Asana.

 Afromiga Web Design Strategy - training and support

Training & Support

Recorded videos from calls and meetings to simple walkthroughs.

 Afromiga Web Design Strategy- responsive website

Responsive Website

Get a 5-page online store that functions on all devices.


A bit more about what's included...

Below are what you'll have in a trusty folder at project handoff.

  • A 2-hour Website Content & Social Media Strategy session which comes with:
  • Target Audience & Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Management Walkthrough
  • Web Navigation Map (detailed outline)
  • Website copy suggestions* and microcopy
  • Policy page buildout (i.e. store policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, etc)
  • Domain & Domain email setup &  integration
  • 5-page mobile-responsive website (Home, About, Shop or Services page, Contact page, Stockists/Wholesale/Store Locations)
  • 3 revision rounds
  • Third-party integration setup (Acuity, ShipStation, etc)

* = if you don't have website copy or website copy readily available and are stuck with creating your own.

Turnaround is approximately 6-8 weeks. Investment starts at


Payment options are available. Schedule a call to hear more about payment options.

Project Process

A brief look into what it's like working with me.

 discovery call

FREE Scope Call

We'll get specific with what you need and go over the process in detail to decide on a package that's right for you.

No commitment, yet, we're just getting the scope of the project. If there's a fit, I'll send over a proposal and contract. 

If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you schedule a quick chat with me so we can get a feel for each other and see if there's chemistry before even discussing the nitty gritty details that go into working together. 



Once you sign the contract, I'll send over an invoice.

You can choose to either pay the full deposit upfront or pay the first payment from our agreed payment plan.


Onboarding Call

Once the invoice has been paid, I'll send you a link to schedule your Onboarding Call.

On our call, I'll give you a thorough tour of Asana followed by your Onboarding tasks.


Design & Development

The fun part, we'll be working collaboratively to ensure that we're creating the vision of your website as you see fit.

You'll be able to see the progress of the project as it's moving along within Asana.

 Brand Your Web - design & development
 Brand Your Web - project handoff

Project Handoff

When everything's finished, I'll deliver your files to you via a Google Drive folder.

We'll hop on an Offboarding Call so I can show you how to use your deliverables and some bonuses made.


Secret Library

After handoff, you'll have access to the secret library.

A gallery filled with swipe files, videos, and printables to maintain and manage your website.


You might be asking yourself....

What exactly does an online shop need to thrive?

Well my new friend, There's 3 key elements.

 what an online shop needs to thrive: 1. targeted customer

1. A Targeted Customer

If you don't have a specific customer in mind, you're probably delivering a solution that's unclear to your audience. Or delivering multiple solutions to please the masses and aren't quite getting the results you're looking for.

Unclear solutions is usually the result of unclear positioning.


2. A strong positioning or value proposition

What's the angle that your business focuses on providing value to your customer?

Is it the experience of visiting your website? The customer service before and after they make a purchase? Do your products come with a quality-insured guarantee?

 what an online shop needs to thrive - 2. a value proposition
 what an online shop needs to thrive - 3. a website

3. A website

If you don't have a website, you don't have a main channel for online sales, whether that's from a physical/digital product or a rendered service.

This means you're likely dependent on other platforms like Etsy or Big Cartel to make sales and can give you minus points on credibility in the eye of the modern consumer.

It's also easier to keep track of customer orders and special requests with a website rather than scrolling back in between emails and direct messages to find who said what on a custom order.


The goal in every web design project is to make sure that these 3 key elements are achieved for your brand.

You'll have the satisfaction knowing that your website needs are met for your brand when you book a web design project with Afromiga Web Design Strategy.

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Have we met? I'm Andra (On-dra).

Web Designer + Strategist

I create clear, customer-centric, sales-driven brand strategies and websites backed by a streamlined sales process for entrepreneurs of color who want to leverage their skills and talents by building their brand and launching their website.

My focus is making sure that your brand's online store has a targeted customer, strong positioning, and a website on a scalable platform that tells your brand's story and connects with your products or services in a tangible and remarkable way

I analyze your business's current status quo (customers, sales, competition, etc), it's trajectory, and your future goals. From there, I help you figure out a design for your website that translates into an approachable and seamless shopping experience for your customers.


Get more info on this FREE Scope call with me.

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Your ecommerce website will be built using Shopify.

Call today to see why Shopify is what you need to take your business ot the next level.