Building your storefront…

This is it. You’re contacting suppliers, grabbing samples for product photos, and having a freelance designer create a logo for you. All you need to figure out now is how to lay out your storefront or at least a coming soon page and set everything else up without going crazy.

Or maybe you’ve been running your storefront for a while and haven’t quote gotten the results you’ve been looking for.

Or maybe you’ve been running your storefront and aren’t happy with the lack of ownership you have over your brand as you want.

Well my friend, it’s time to…


Brand Your Storefront

Each package comes with a one-hour one-on-one coaching session and a guide on how to (re)launch your landing page or storefront for success.



$888 + $300 = $1188

We build the layout of a 5-page eCommerce storefront together. Add your brand assets, products, etc. Then hit publish!


$888 + $300 = $1188

We transfer your storefront from Etsy, Big Cartel, Weebly, etc to Shopify and organize the layout of your 5-page eCommerce storefront.



$999 + $300 = $1299

We optimize all 5 pages of your existing Shopify storefront and install apps that will help your store perform better.

Page + Strategy™

$1111 + $300 = $1411

We build a coming soon page so you can collect emails for your future customer base and set you up with a boilerplate email campaign on Klaviyo to engage your future customers.