Believe me, we can make this a reality.

By shifting our incredible buying power back to us and practicing group economics, we can create jobs for our children; we can create communities that focus on empowering our youth; we can begin to build generational wealth that we've been restricted from due to a history of oppression. 

You either have great products or an incredible talent that you service others with.

You have a vision to make a name for yourself and create a legacy for your family, in big or small waves. 

  • You're ready to look legit and professional in front of potential clients and customers.
  • You want to communicate clearly your shipping or project workflows with your customers and clients to eliminate hassles before they start.
  • You're so overwhelmed with all the wrong details and you just want to get your idea out there.

My goals for you…

  • You don't have to keep delaying the launch of your website because you've sorted out the kinks in your business and planned out the details of your website.
  • You're looking to hire help or outsource work because sales are increasing and clients keep knocking on your digital door.
  • You have peace of mind because your clients and customers know your shipping process or project workflow beforehand because your website explains that clearly.
  • You're content with your brand because you made an investment in your brand to upgrade your business's look.
  • You're on top of your marketing game because you created a strategy that works for your business model.

All this crazy, awesome stuff is happening because you made a decision to create a digital storefront that's an all-around awesome experience for your visitors in a way that makes you look like a legit business and invites others to spread the love.

Let me introduce myself.

 Andra, Web Design Strategist of Afromiga Web Design Strategy

Hey, Andra here, Web Design Strategist of Afromiga Web Design Strategy.

All that means is that I'm a big nerd when it comes to web design and I love to research and analyze websites, do quick custom audits in my head when visiting a new website, and make mock websites just for the heck of it. 

I help black product makers and service providers who want their website to become an employee that sell products or gets clients and customers with less hassle and zero fluff.

I create or improve your website's online presence so that it doesn't just look appealing, it tells your brand's story and connects your audience with your products or services in a tangible and remarkable way. I also work with an awesome graphic designer to collaborate on making the non-website stuff that I offer. 

Build the culture, the black economy, and your income.

 I started Afromiga Web Design Strategy because I couldn't stop myself from helping people build their brands and create their websites. I always loved design and I wanted to make a positive impact as a first generation Haitian-American woman. I realized that I should combine talent with my life goals.

I want to empower you to help you create a legit, tangible, and remarkable brand. 

You're doing your best to get your products and services out there, but it gets overwhelming when bundled with the other tasks you need to handle as a business owner. I totally get that. By working together, we can mitigate the stress and overwhelm by turning your website into an employee that sells more products or gets you more clients with zero fluff and less hassle.

It's not about showing what you got, it's showing what you give.

It's no longer enough to list your products or have a portfolio and contact form on your site; neither is simply posting a photo of your products or work on social media going to cut it. You need to add depth to your brand by having a story. How can you connect your audience to your brand? What more can you provide with what you do? Let's work on building a foundation for your brand so that you can achieve your business goals.