An Origin Story: Afromiga Web Design Strategy

I’ll be honest here, the name came from finding a unique Twitter handle that I wouldn’t need to add numbers or punctuation to, so I thought of putting “afro” in front of “miga” like amiga in Spanish. Since then, all my personal profiles were @afromiga (which are now of course business). Before launching, “web design strategy” was added to the name so that no one confused the brand to be a natural hair page.

Mission + Value

Consistently build and deliver storefronts that connect and sell for brands that build community around their products in an open, transparent, and collaborative workflow environment.

A Better Future

There is a growing group of people tired of corporations that don’t care about their carbon footprint on the environment, tired of successful large companies owned and operated by people who give no regard to their customers and employees, tired of the lack of representation when it comes to marketing or operating a business.

Today, more minorities are starting and growing thriving businesses working to build a future that’s more colorful, more sustainable, and more compassionate to those in need.

Afromiga Web Design Strategy wants to be part of that change by giving your business the leg up it needs to compete with your less environmentally and socially friendly counterparts.


Andra Eugene

ux designer + shopify expert

Andra (on-dra) works with clients to build Shopify storefronts that sell for companies run, operated, and servicing underrepresented communities in mainstream culture. She has created and hosted courses and coaching programs on how to plan, launch, and grow a website from scratch.

Getting in touch.

If you are looking to discuss starting a project with Afromiga Web Design Strategy for branding and web design, please schedule a call instead of sending an inquiry so that time is saved for both parties.

If you’re looking to contact for press or partnership, please use the form below and I will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

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