Hi. I'm Andra, Web Design Strategist and Manic Executor behind Afromiga Web Design Strategy.

I'm here to help black product makers and service providers who want their website to become an employee that sells products or get more clients or customers with zero fluff and less hassle.

Afromiga Web Design Strategy is your go-to place for creating and improving your website's online presence, so that it doesn't just look appealing, it tells your brand's story and connects your audience with your products or services in a tangible and remarkable way.

There are a lot of web designers that just design your website and simply hand it off to you. There are web design experts and strategists that focus on speed or SEO. While those are good things, that's not what I do. Here’s where my focus lies:

  1. I collaborate with a graphic designer to create professional brand identities, websites, digital and physical marketing collateral, packaging, and apparel for small businesses looking to give their business a much needed makeover and upgrade their brand. You can read about our packages, pricing, and process here.
  2. I study a lot of websites on the internet and made notes on websites that do well in grabbing their audience’s attention. I’ve taken all my findings and made several wireframes or Website Planning Templates™ that are inspired by these websites and I’ve included walkthrough videos of how to use these templates to construct the layout of your website in an afternoon using a free tool called Canva . You can purchase these templates at an affordable price and create a layout for your own website to use in Shopify, Squarespace, or another content management system of your choice. I also have an option where you can hire me to make custom website planning templates for you at a much lower price then it would be to hire me to design your website from scratch.
  3.  I'm launching an intensive 1-on-1 coaching program that’s designed to help you launch your website in 30 days in March 2018. When the program launches, we would hop on a discovery call to discuss your business's objectives, project workflow preferences, and commitments. From there, I would create a custom 30-Day Action Plan™ for you to follow to launch your website. You can get on the waiting list or you can or you can download this free workbook to find out more about launching a website in 30 days.

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