If you strongly feel that you don't fit the degree-job-die mold and want to build a lifestyle around your passion on a budget, this is the place to be.

This is a learning and growing space for creatives who want to create ownership around their talents, skills, and passions through entrepreneurship.

Afromiga™ creates resources and materials that reflect the mindset and thought processes I have in creating structure and simplicity around creativity, such as, creating website copy if you're DIYing your entire site or tips on how to do web design 100% DIY properly, without getting frazzled out by the process. 


Hi, I'm Gene Al.

Instead of going to college, I found that I had a ton of ideas and concepts that could help people starting or struggling with growing their online business. With a few self-guided projects and applications of these ideas, I decided it was time to start my journey of helping people with starting or growing their online business in business development and marketing.


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